Our activities

Our business is supplying equipment, automatisms and software designed to secure or assist with the management of a storage site for petroleum, chemical, food and other products.

We pay special attention to the criteria of product reliability and durability to meet the requirements of these sites where safety plays a dominant role. Our equipment installed in Explosive Atmospheres (ATEX) is certified in accordance with European Directive 2014/34/EU of 26 February 2014 and our production system is certified ISO 9001 and ISO 80079-34 (Quality certification of producers of ATEX equipment).

We wish to satisfy our customers in the long term with reliable, efficient products to gain the loyalty of our customers and the solutions we offer have been designed with this in mind.

Our main strengths

Historical presence and powerful advice

Over sixty years in business have seen our products developing to match your needs in the best possible way and we are totally flexible in adjusting to the specific features of each site. Our vision of the entire business potential nationally, and beyond, means we can collect and pass on good practices to all our partners so that we can all improve globally.
Our knowledge of the sector fuels creative ideas and thus makes us a relevant, critical contact to assist you in making your decisions.

Full, certified product range

We can offer products for the entire life cycle of a product on the storage site, from its entry into the tanks to its loading into the tankers.


Our safety equipment can be incorporated in the MMRI chains and every component intended for installation in an Explosive Atmosphere Zone has been certified by LCIE according to European Directive 2014/34/EU of 26 February 2014.

Huge mobility

Our teams demonstrate huge mobility and can intervene rapidly and efficiently on your sites when needed. Our intervention personnel have attended all the training courses necessary to be accredited to intervene on your sites and have the requisite knowledge to work on our products in complete autonomy.

Not only do we intervene nationally, but our operators can also travel to international destinations to assist our local agents when needed.

Customer relations

We work with all the national major players in petroleum product storage and have been extending our business abroad for several years. Our desire is to meet your requirements using our technical knowledge and market expertise, which empower us to offer reliable, sound advice. We acknowledge that every customer can have significantly different requirements depending on local regulations or a particular situation and we can adapt our solutions to your specific features, without loss of reactivity, to propose the best response to your needs.

We can be contacted directly for any information and we strive to respond as quickly as possible given our awareness of potential financial or administrative pressures weighing on our customers.

We are seeking a long-term relationship of trust with you by offering you appropriate products compliant with legislations, manufactured according to standards in force and adjusted perfectly to your expressed needs.

Partner relations

To provide you with the best possible responses, we have developed numerous partnerships with other companies, be they suppliers of complementary products or local agents able to intervene more quickly on sites far from our headquarters, mainly internationally.

To ensure that these partners have the rigour and professionalism that is essential in our business, we prefer mutually-profitable long-term partnerships where trust has been built up through visits and feedback. We select our new partners with great care to maintain our requirement level for the services carried out.